Meet Okello

Since my father is a photographer, I’ve taken photos my whole life. Even as I majored in math and audio engineering at American University, I knew I would always be associated with photography since it’s always been one of my passions. I decided to shoot weddings in March 1998 and photographed weddings in the Metro Washington DC area full time for 12 years.

In 2007 when I sat down in a Starbucks in Washington D.C. to teach my first class I had no idea how to teach. I knew tons about photography but other than telling a few friends how to take better photos I had no clue. Luckily for me, in a small setting it’s easy to figure out what makes sense to students and what doesn’t and my first students gladly told me when I said something that didn’t make sense to them. The more I taught, the more I figured out the formula to make this stuff make sense. I started offering classes in New York City and Philadelphia and before I knew it people were calling to see if I would come to their city because they had heard about me from a friend. I've taught in over 70 cities in 34 states in the US and would eventually like to get to those last 16!

I continually strive to create a class that’s easy to understand, doesn’t overwhelm but gives just enough info to give you an understanding and the confidence to take your camera off auto mode!